The Truth Behind Online Giveaways

People REALLY do win! Before I started my blog, I thought it was impossible to win anything so nice off an online giveaway so I never tried.  Now, I know the truth!  Advertisers can spread the word about their products MUCH cheaper by running a giveaway through a blogger than with traditional forms of advertising.

The next time you come across a giveaway that catches your eye, SIGN UP!  You can’t win, if you don’t try.

 Do you have a favorite blog?  You can support that blogger by entering their contests.  Every blogger wants to have a successful giveaway and spends hours promoting their giveaways online.

If you can’t use the item that is being given away, I bet you know someone who can.  If not, what about a needy family in your area?  Think of others when entering giveaways and who you know that could benefit from the given promotion.  Giveaway drawings are random and selected electronically, so no “favoritism drawings.”

Now that you know there are no SCAM giveaways going on around here, visit my giveaway page where you can browse multiple contests hosted by fellow bloggers.  You can enter them all, enter your favorites or space them out and enter a few each day.

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