Want A Journal, Need To Store Recipes: Create A Blog

So many of you are interested in making a family journal that I thought I’d mention how quick it is to set up a blog.  A personal blog is a lot of fun and VERY easy to write on.  You could make a personal family blog and have copies printed off for your family, or save copies for your children.  Wouldn’t it be neat to read a family blog that your mom had written from years ago? My husband is extremely busy at work, so he can’t blog very often, but he is making time to write about his views on investing for our kids.  If something were to happen to him before the kids grew up, I would never be able to speak on this topic as well as he could.  So he decided to write www.FollowMyInventments.com for our boys so they will always have his thoughts written down for them to use in the future.

How about all those childhood recipes you wish you could find?  I am saving all my favorite recipes on my blog so they are always easily found.  When I go out of town, or someone asks for a particular recipe, I always know where it is!  I love to make my peanut butter fudge recipe and often visit family over the holidays.  Now that I have my recipes on my blog, I don’t have to worry about taking them with me.

How to Create a Blog in 5 Minutes By

Don’t be intimidated, you can do this.  Feel free to watch this video as many times as you would like and take notes so you’ll be ready to go!  If you have questions, be sure to list them as a comment to this post.

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