Week Three: Weekly Weight Watchers Diet Journal

Week One: Weekly Weight Loss Journal

Week Two:  Weight loss Journal

Week Three: Weekly Weight Loss Journal

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It’s been three weeks since I started counting points on the Weight Watchers Diet.  I am posting a weekly weight loss journal on the mom blog in hopes that I will feel TOO guilty to cheat if I know I have to tell you about it!

Every Monday I will record my weight loss, hopefully you won’t ever read about any weight gain after each week of my weight watchers diet!  This morning, I showed a 1.6 pound loss from last Monday after counting Weight Watcher Points.

  • I didn’t excercise any all week, unless you count my fingers taping away at my laptop.
  • I didn’t drink huge amounts of water, just every once in awhile if we went out to eat.
  • I started the week off eating my 6 daily egg whites, but went out of town and then stopped eating my daily egg whites for a few days.

Be sure and check out the coupon banner below.  I was able to print off several of them quickly that I could use for my diet and it is free to sign up.  Make sure to check back often, since the coupons are always changing.  I have placed a Coupon banner on the sidebar of the mom blog homepage so you can find them quickly before you head out the door to the grocery.


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Please leave any weight watchers questions you have for me in a comment or send me an email at chat@blogwithmom.com  I have successfully lost 100 pounds, TWICE now after having a baby and simply eating TOO much during pregnancy….imagine that!  This diet WILL work, you just have to be serious about it.  Just keep thinking, I have to lose weight, I want new clothes, I have to lose weight, I want new clothes, I have to lose weight…….

“People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.”


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