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I contacted Dry Cleaner’s Secret about their Woolite Dry Clean at Home product.  To my surprise, they sent me a box of Woolite Dry Clean at Home Original Scent, a box of Woolite Dry Clean at Home Fragrance Free,  Wrinkle Releaser Plus and a bag of PRO Wash Activewear Detergent!

I wanted to try the Dry Clean at Home product because I am currently paying $4.75 every time I have one pair of my husband’s work pants dry cleaned!  The Dry Clean at Home is under $10 for 6 cloths and each cloth will dry clean up to 4 garments.  Imagine how much money I could save if this product worked and……it did!  I have four pairs of pants I have dry cleaned and I can do them all at once for under the price I pay to have one pair cleaned!  Now, the dry cleaners do send home the pants with a crisp crease on them, but for this type of savings, I can iron that crease on them myself!  After the pants were finished, I immediately hung them on a hanger and didn’t have to iron them before my husband went to work.  Even if I used this product on one item, it would still save me time running to the cleaners and a little cash too!  These Woolite dry cleaning cloths go right in your dryer with your garments without needing a dry cleaning bag.  I love them, and will continue to use either fragrance on my clothing.  The original scent was light and hardly noticeable for someone who has a problem being around fragrances.

Wrinkle Releaser Plus was my next challenge.  I am not usually right by the dryer when it shuts off, which causes wrinkles on my clothing.  I tried this product out on different types of material without smoothing the fabric down after spraying on the Wrinkle Releaser Plus.  The tee shirts didn’t come as wrinkle free as the dress shirts, but it still cut down on lots of my wrinkles.   I tried it again with properly smoothing down the fabric and it worked great.  This will definitely cut down on my need to iron all the time.  The bottle says it “freshens clothes and eliminates static.”  It also offers a few tips:  “*Use on household items like curtains and drapes, *Use with iron or steamer instead of starch.”

PRO Wash Activewear Detergent came in a non-bulky, space saving 24 oz. bag.  I believe this is the first time I have ever had detergent in a bag.  It saved on space in my cabinet but was a little odd when it came to pouring it.  I had the feeling that I was going to lose control of it and pour way too much into the washer, but I’ll get the hang of it.  The container is so much better than the large bulky one that I currently use.  My son plays basketball and this was great for washing his uniform.  It also works well on those wet towels that sometimes leave a “sour” smell after being washed.  You can also use it for pre-treating stains or as a booster with your regular detergent.

Make sure to check out to read more about their products, print off coupons and learn how to get a free sample of Dry Cleaner’s Secret!

Dry Cleaner’s Secret is sponsoring a giveaway on the mom blog.  They are offering the following products to two lucky winners.

Winner #1 will get:

one  6-count box Woolite Dry Cleaner’s Secret Regular Scent

one 24 oz. pouch ProWash Activewear Detergent

one 2 oz. bottle Wrinkle Releaser Plus travel size

Winner # 2 will get:

one  24 oz. bottle Wrinkle Releaser Plus

one  6-count box Woolite Dry Cleaner’s Secret Fragrance Free



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  4. I love Woolite and I love Wrinkle releaser and how it takes the wrinkles out of my clothes once I hang them up to dry after i wash them in woolite. Thanks for the great sweep and hope to win:)

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