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Mom Select contacted me about the new Hot Wheels Custom Cars.  I was given a code so that I could order one for myself.  Since I have two boys and only one Hot Wheels code, I decided I’d design this car for my son’s friend who just turned 5.  I went to , selected the Hiway Hauler, added a picture that was sent to me from the mother’s phone, added my desired text, selected the packaging I wanted and was done.  The ordering process was so easy, my middle school child could have ordered this Custom Hot Wheels vehicle by himself.

My custom Hot Wheels truck arrived today, exactly as I designed it, but I don’t feel like it is a big enough present to give, so I will need to add a little something extra to the birthday package.  After designing this truck, I feel that the experience of making and receiving the truck that you made is greater than simply receiving it as a gift.

Going forward, if I need to give a gift to a younger boy, I would rather pay for him to experience making the car himself with his parents rather than designing it for him.

All in all, this site is great, but include your children if you want to get the true experience from it.


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