De-cluttered Your Kitchen Lately?

De cluttering is one of the first steps in organizing.  When organizing my kitchen, I like to start with my pantry and cabinets.  When was the last time you threw out all the old medicines you have been saving for just in case?  What about your pantry?  My family likes to try new snacks and  granola bars that often go uneaten because they ended up being “not as good as they looked on the box.” These “unliked foods” get distributed to the neighbor kids at snack time while everyone is playing.  There is always someone who likes that product and are very glad to get it after a tiring game of basketball in the driveway.   What about the cake mixes you bought on sale, have you checked the expiration dates lately? 

Once you start checking expiration dates, you will be amazed with the amount of expired food in your kitchen if you don’t check the boxes regularly.  I try to do this regularly, but sometimes items get past me.  I have a habit of buying items in bulk when on sale, but sometimes we don’t get them all eaten before they expire.  I hate to find these expired items, but getting rid of them does clean out space in my cabinets. 

Now that you are on the way to finding more room in your cabinets, what about your fridge and freezer? I don’t know about you, but when my freezer door opens, there is a high probability that something is going to fall out.  We cram boxes of Eggo waffles, ice cream bars, Smart Ones meals and etc. in our freezer.  Once I combine all the opened boxes of ice cream bars, and Eggos, I can always find more room.  I also find items that I bought that were unfortunately “lost” and need to be thrown out.  Make sure to get these cold items to your outside trash can since they will begin to smell once they hit room temperature.You should also keep your kitchen appliances in good condition. If you’re in need of a repair, you can find parts for your appliances here.  Good luck, you will feel much better once you start clearing up space in your kitchen. 

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44 thoughts on “De-cluttered Your Kitchen Lately?”

    1. The cabinet is much easier to tackle than the game room! Too many toys and not enough room unless I start donating and the kids don\’t like that approach!
      -Bobbie Anne

  1. Great post! I actually had to do this yesterday. It was some what of a pain but now I feel less cluttered

    1. Proud of you Melissa – I looked through my laundry room and after I counted over 20 paint cans, it looks like I need to hit that room too!
      -Bobbie Anne

    1. Sorry about Irene, but glad to hear your cabinets are back in order! We had the same problem with Hurricane Ike. A few days without power can drive someone nuts!

      -Bobbie Anne

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  3. I need to do this soon! The weather has been so great lately, that I figured it would make a good winter project. Its amazing the space you clear up when you clear out your cupboards!!

  4. I am in the process of reorganizing our kitchen, though it was forced since our chest freezer died and we had to get it out, and rearrange etc. I find it really exciting to reorganize and see again what he have and remind my self of where everything is. Tiring but exciting at the same time. Can’t wait until it is all done!

  5. it it hard for us to declutter with our pack rat nature. I think I’ve finally had enough of the mess to do something about it now just need to find the time! LOL

  6. I need to declutter more often, because last time I did it (a few days ago) I threw away too much food! I get so mad at myself for that!

  7. I recently de-cluttered the pantry and had way too many expired items. I really need to do this more often.

  8. Awesome post. Thanks to you, I now have the desire and fortitude to go and clean out and de-clutter my kitchen and pantry:)

    amybrown16 (at) insightbb (dot) com

    1. I did the pantry, but didn\’t do the medicine cabinet. I woke up with a cold, hunted down some cold pills and they had expired 2 years ago! Did you check your medicine cabinet?

      Bobbie Anne

  9. I never thought of checking expiration dates and was amazed how much I needed to use up quickly.
    I still had a waste basket full of food waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past the due date.
    I will be more careful from now on…thanks for the informative post!

  10. Thanks for your post! 🙂 I think we all do the over-buying of items when things go on sale. Sometimes it does save us money, but a lot of the times I feel like I end up wasting more. I never thought of combining the packages off Ego’s, which makes absolute perfect sense!

    1. I would love to write a guest post for you, I just have a few reviews / giveaways waiting on me right now. Let me get caught up again and I\’ll get back in touch. What topics are you looking for?

      Bobbie Anne

  11. Oh my! I cleaned out the drawers in the kitchen had have about 8 black spoons just for soup… do I need them? no… lol

    1. I have too much of that stuff too, but just can\’t bring myself to throw it away. LOL — just keep thinking I might need it one day!
      Bobbie Anne \”Pack Rat\”

  12. Space is my biggest hurdle in my small kitchen. I am always de-cluttering out of necessity rather than being organized. I really have no choice. After buying groceries, I de-clutter. (this is once every 2 weeks or so)
    Thanks for the post.

    1. Good job on your decluttering. I just keep stuffing it in there and then have to take a day when I go through everything. Looks like it would be quicker if I kept it up like you do.

      Bobbie Anne

  13. Usually right before Thanksgiving is my time to clean it all out. Never know when mom might put on that white glove. Thanks for your tips.

  14. I don’t have a pantry problem. I have a spice rack problem. I will have three opened containers of parsley. When I notice the spices spreading to other areas of the kitchen, I know it’s time to condense the like spices together.

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