Enfusia.com Review: Cocoon Baby Body Wash & Lotion

As I was walking through the local HEB grocery store, this Enfusia stand absolutely caught my attention.  They were displaying the biggest bath bombs that I have ever seen.  I couldn’t help but stop and smell everything, even though I was short on time and headed after a large load of groceries.  I checked out their website after my grocery trip and contacted them about their products.

Since I write a mom blog, I decided that Enfusia’s Cocoon Baby products would be the best products for me to review.  The Cocoon Baby lotion caught my attention because it is gentle enough for eczema and dermatitis.  There are so many children that are affected by eczema and  I wanted to find out about this lotion for myself.    These Cocoon Baby Products are gluten free, vegan and always animal, environment and people friendly.  The Cocoon Baby gentle moisturizing lotion and the gentle body and hair wash are made with chamomile, lavender and lemongrass.  The smell of the lotion is somewhat strong, so I wouldn’t suggest using the gentle moisturizing lotion on newborns.


Gentle Body and Hair Wash

My kids ran off with this bottle before I was able to test it myself.  My five year old is wild for body/hair wash.  Both boys like the lemon smell and use this wash on a nightly basis.  You can smell the lemon in the bathroom so you know they are actually using soap and not just rinsing off!  After a quarter of the bottle was gone, I was finally able to move this wash to my bathroom so I could use it myself.  I love the smell and the feeling of this wash.  Unfortunately the wash didn’t stay in my bathroom past my first shower.  The boys realized it was missing and stole it back from me.

Gentle Moisturizing Lotion with unrefined shea butter and aloe

Now the boys may have the body wash, but the lotion is mine!  I have been using it at night on my feet every night before going to sleep.  You should feel how soft they are getting.  I have tons of lotion around the house that I buy, and then don’t really like.  I have to say, this Cocoon Baby lotion is the best moisturizing lotion I’ve ever used, hands down.  I have mild excema and need a thick lotion that keeps my skin moist and this is definitely it!  Once this Cocoon Baby lotion is gone, I’ll be adding it to my cart at the grocery.

Here’s a little from the product label:  “All Cocoon products are made with natural botanical ingredients.  This blend of wildcrafted shea butter, avocado oil and organic aloe provides gentle moisture to little one’s skin with no greasy residue. “

Since I was so interested in the bath bombs, Enfusia.com suprised me with two mini bath bombs in Lemongrass and Lavender.  I didn’t give my kids a chance on these!  As soon as I found them in the box, I hid them in my bathroom or else my two boys would have taken my 2 bath bombs!  Oh my, this was my first experience with a bath bomb.  Now I am going to find more time for baths instead of those quick showers!  You can check out their online store at http://enfusia.com/EnfusiaStore.asp

Contact Enfusia to find the store closest to you or order online and have it shipped directly to you from Enfusia.com.

If you are near Woodlands, TX, Enfusia has listed some locations where you can pick up the Cocoon Baby products:

The Woodlands! We’re everywhere around here!
Hubbell & Hudson Market Street 24 Waterway Avenue
HEB Woodlands Market 9595 Six Pines Drive
HEB Indian Springs 10777 Kuykendahl Road
HEB North Woodlands Market 3601 FM 1488

You can also follow Enfusia on Facebook at facebook.com/enfusia and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/enfusiacocoon

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