Organizing Your Pantry

Organizing your pantry can drastically save you time in the kitchen.  How many times have you went to make supper and you’re missing one ingredient?  How many times have you searched every shelf in your pantry for an item before finding it 10 minutes later?  How many times have you made several trips to the grocery in a short time span for those items you thought you had at home, but can’t find?

My pantry is organized by height / age of my children.  Sounds funny huh?  Ok, the five year old has his own snacks  or snacks that he and his brother share, which go on the bottom two shelves.  The 11 yr old has snacks that his brother doesn’t care for, which  go on the third shelf up for his convenience.  The items in glass jars, such as cheese dip or spaghetti sauce go high enough where I don’t have to worry about the kids knocking them off.

After the kids stash is taken care of, I organize my canned foods by placing all the cans on rising shelves so I can read the labels without having to pick every one of the cans up.  I place all the noodles and  rice mixes together.  I have  separate sections for the cereal, potato chips, baking mixes and spices.  My kids are disciplined enough to not take advantage of my pantry system.  I find it easier if they can get their own snacks as needed.   This set up also makes it easy for them to participate in packing their own school lunches.  I do the same in the fridge with the bottom drawer being filled with juice boxes, and individual milks.  I also have a food drawer filled with individual pudding, yogurt and applesauce cups.

Hope this helps!  I like to organize around my family’s needs.  Since they like my system, they  help me keep it organized!  I can’t ask for anymore, everyone needs a little help around the kitchen.

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-Bobbie Anne

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