Recycling Aluminum Cans: Great Money Maker For Kids

Our family made another can run to the recycling center this past weekend.  We had a full truck load of uncrushed cans that weighed 64 pounds.  Can prices fell back to .56 per pound, but that still gave both of my boys $17.92 each.  I’d say that was pretty decent money for boys aged 5 and 11.  Thanks to the neighbors, we are able to make a can run about once a month.

Holidays are around the corner.  Find the nearest recycling center that pays for aluminum and help your kids make a little extra money.  Use grocery bags, “Wal-Mart sacks” to bag them so you’re not paying for the grocery sacks.  You can also cut down on the bulk of the cans if you crush them.  We did that in the past, but it became easier to keep them behind the garage and make more trips to the recycling center instead of smashing and rebagging all the cans that came through.  Also, if you know someone who is removing their gutters, see if they would mind you recycling them instead.  Many gutter companies charge for disposal services and then make additional  money recycling the gutters themselves!

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-Bobbie Anne

4 thoughts on “Recycling Aluminum Cans: Great Money Maker For Kids”

    1. The gutter-recycling was a great idea! Our neighbors asked us if we wanted them and they brought in $40 for the kids! It was a job cutting them up, but the kids were SO excited!
      Bobbie Anne

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