Review: Clean Your Glasses With Lens Cleaner Wipes


I was asked to review lens cleaning towelettes from Magid Glove & Safety.  My package came today and I was happy to find a box of 100 individual lens cleaning towelettes inside.  The box is conveniently designed where it can easily be attached to the wall if you wanted to mount them in your garage.  I was very pleased with these wipes.  I used the wipes on a pair of sunglasses first and expected them to leave wet marks on the lens, but the wipes cleaned the lens and left me with a clean,  streak free pair of glasses.

These convenient, individually packaged towelettes would be great for carrying in your purse, vehicle, child’s backpack or storing in the garage.  Face it, we all use our shirts to wipe off our glasses when we know it can scratch our lenses.  I do not want to carry around a cleaning cloth and lens spray, but I will keep a few towelettes in my purse.  This box of 100 is under $8.00 before shipping.  I don’t know about you, but 100 wipes will last me a LONG time!

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