Support Boy Scouts – Troop 1772 / military donations

My name is Coy and I am in Boy Scouts Troop 1772.  I am selling popcorn to support Boy Scouts and my troop.  There are a variety of flavors pre-popped and microwavable, there are also two levels of military donations.  The military donations collected will be used to send popcorn to the military men overseas to show our support.  A percentage of what I sell will go to my troop to help pay for the troop campouts and service activities.  Last year I was able to reach my goal of $2,500.  This was the level required by Trails End to open a scholarship fund to be used for my college education, so from now on an additional percentage of what I sell each year will be added to my college fund.
Please consider supporting scouts, the military and my college education!  Please forward this email to your friends so that they have the opportunity to provide their support as well.
Click the link below to provide your support:

My name should be in the top right corner, Coy C.  If you don’t see it you can search by my ID number which is 6803721.
Thank you,
(age 11, Texas)

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