10 Online Resources for Printable Halloween Decorations

10 Online Resources for Printable Halloween Decorations sent in by James to be featured on the mom blog.

All the Halloween costumes and candy in the world would not be complete without a great selection of colorful and terrifying Halloween decorations to turn your home sweet home into a house of horrors. But you don’t need to go on a shopping splurge and drain your wallet every Halloween to come up with the best Halloween decorations. With a bit of creativity, plenty of imagination, and a good printer, you can make your own decorations from designs that you can find online. Here are ten online resources for printable Halloween decorations.

1. Clip-on Bat Halloween Decorations

This page of ferociously cute clip-on bats can liven up any Halloween party and get you in a great Halloween mood. Tape or glue the bats on this paper to clothespins, and stick them wherever you like around the house and in the yard. Color printing is best, and instructions are included on the paper.

2. Colorful Halloween Banner

Brimming with the colors of Halloween, this page can be turned into a scary and festive Halloween banner that will put all your neighbors to shame. This paper has two different designs that can be made two-sided by simply folding the paper in half. Print out multiple copies and fold them side by side over a piece of string strung across your living room to make a colorful Halloween banner.

3. 3D Paper Dracula

Make a 3D Dracula paper doll in full color with this printable Halloween decoration resource. This page should be printed on cardstock or some other type of thick paper. It is easy to fold into place and then tape together and will quickly turn into a boxy and adorably cute Dracula paper doll. It can stand up all by itself and can be placed on a countertop or shelf.

4. Do-It-Yourself Skeleton Decoration

Although this skeleton design fits on a single sheet of paper, when assembled it will grow into a large and scary Halloween decoration. Each bone section should be cut out separately, and the design can be assembled using brass fasteners or string. The skeleton can be hung from a doorway or on a wall.

5. Halloween Garden Flags

These two garden flag designs can be colored with any color you choose and printed on paper for hanging indoors or laminated cardstock for garden use. No two designs better represent Halloween than the grinning pumpkin and the howling ghost silhouetted against the moon.

6. Foam Halloween Door Hanger

Print out the designs on this sheet and use them to trace over foam or construction paper for some scary yet sturdy Halloween door hangers. Included on the sheet is a witch, a broomstick for her to ride, a scary ghost, a bat, a cat, and a pumpkin, on which you may draw the scary face of your choosing.

7. Halloween Baskets

These Halloween baskets fit neatly on one sheet of paper and can easily be printed out, folded, and filled with candy. With spider and pumpkin designs on all four sides, these baskets are quick to make and guaranteed to be spooky. You will need tape to complete the handles on these baskets.

8. Grin Carving Template

This printable design features a wicked grin pattern complete with two sunken eyes, a devious nose, and a toothy and twisted grin. Print out this design on a piece of paper and trace around it on your pumpkin with a carving knife to make the creepiest jack-o’-lantern you’ve ever seen.

9. Goodie Bag Printable Halloween Decoration

With four different terrifying and adorable thematic designs, this sheet can come in handy for putting the Halloween into your goodie bags. Cut out the designs separately and glue them onto the sides of regular paper bags to create your own personalized Halloween treat bags ready to be filled with candy and fright.

10. Halloween Treat Box

This beautiful printable decoration can be cut out to form the shape of a cute little Halloween treat box. Although it may look slightly complicated at first glance, the end result is well worth a few extra folding adventures, and it comes complete with instructions. The color scheme for this printable is, of course, orange, and the sides of the box are littered with Halloween designs.

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    1. Yes, my boys had fun looking too! We always do things like this before the holidays. We really like to string popcorn, but someone always \”stabs\” themselves with the needle – but lots of fun! I think we drop and eat more than we actually string up.
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