AmFam: Family Friendly Comedy

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Family Insurance for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I checked out some family comedian videos on AmFam.  I was just browsing their site, but thirty minutes later, I found myself still there, laughing myself to death while watching a Stand Up For Family video called “Let Me Ride Your Bike.”  You have to watch this family friendly comedian talk about eating fried bologna sandwiches and having his bicycle stolen after letting another kid ride it.  This comedian was so good, that he brought up memories of eating fried bologna sandwiches as a kid.  Many kids today haven’t experienced this treat.  Since we watch calories and fat content more these days, bologna isn’t always on our grocery lists.

As a parent, you’ll also connect with the  “Let Me Ride Your Bike” video.  When my youngest son would get a new toy, I’d always stand out in the cul-de-sac with him telling all the older kids that we’d rather they not ride it.  We always tell our children not to ask to ride other’s toys because if they broke them, they’d have to buy their friend another one.  I don’t think any of our neighbor’s kids had ever been told that because they’d get so irritated when I’d tell them they couldn’t ride my sons’s scooter, skateboard, etc.

These comedian clips are sponsored by American Family Insurance and were written with your whole family in mind.  My husband and I used to watch late night comedians but the topics and language got so bad that we had to stop watching them.  We didn’t want our kids to see us watching a program like that.  These AmFam comedians know how to make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes and bring back family memories all at once.  There were many great videos, but the following brought the most laughter in my house.

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