BlogWithMom Review: Loopeez Shoe Tying Aids Pass The Test

My five year old started kindergarten this year and I knew it was time to teach him to tie his shoes.  I just wasn’t ready to take that on yet, but couldn’t buy him velcro shoes or he’d never learn to tie them.  Every day when I picked him up at school I noticed that both of his shoes were untied.  Shortly after, my son came home saying that the kids in the class that couldn’t tie their shoes should have velcro instead of laces.  This was my sign and I couldn’t back down and buy new velcro shoes after just purchasing his new school shoes.  He had to learn how to tie his shoes and we needed to be learning now.  I went online looking for a cool shoe tying trick that I could use with my son and found  This shoe tying aid is just as it says it is “loop ease.”  It hold the loops together and in place for the child to easily grab and knot together.

I showed my son this website and had him select his favorite Loopeez design and matching shoe laces.  He chose the camoflauge Loopeez and the black and white laces.    I thought that by allowing him to pick out his own Loopeez, he’d be more excited about this new shoe tying challenge.  Once his package arrived, he was so excited.  We grabbed his shoes and started swapping out laces and attaching the Loopeez.  He was so excited at first, that he wasn’t listening to me and was just tying whatever he could tie!  Once he realized that he needed a little instruction, he was looping his laces with Loopeez after only five minutes of practice.  He was so proud of himself that he called his Dad and then took off to visit a few neighbors to show off his new skills.

When ordering your Loopeez make sure that you also order the multicolored shoe laces.  Our black and white laces make it possible for me to say “Hold the black lace still and loop around with the white one.”  I’d also suggest that you buy at least two pairs of the Loopeez for your child.  My son wore these to school and by the second day, the other kids were already trying to take them off.  I picked him up from school on the fourth day and sure enough, only one Loopeez survived the day!  We are now at a standstill on our shoe tying lessons until our new Loopeez package arrives in the mail.  Keep in mind, my son can’t tie his shoes without the loopeez, but as long as the loopeez is connected to his shoes, he’s capable of tying his shoes by himself. After repeated use of the Loopeez, I plan to remove them from his shoes and complete the shoe tying lessons with ease.

Thanks Loopeez!
-Bobbie Anne

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