Freddy Krueger Halloween Mask Review

My sixth grade son recently watched Freddy Krueger for the first time.  Since Halloween is almost here, we’ve been searching for a Freddy Halloween costume for him.  We found an old sweater that would work and then decided that we needed the perfect mask in order to pull off the “Freddy Look.”  You’re going to love the Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy mask that we found online from

Since it is so hot here in Texas on Halloween night, I was trying to steer clear of any Halloween masks, but decided to “give in” and if he got too hot, we’d just take it off.  This latex mask arrived and you wouldn’t believe how thin it is.  It had “breathing holes” in the nose, ears and mouth of the mask.   I have used various masks in the past with the boys, but I believe this year we’ve found a keeper.  Since we’ve received the mask, my son has been browsing through this site and wants to order the other Freddy accessories to complete his “Freddy Look.”  The Halloween costume site has a low flat shipping rate, and since it will beat searching all over town for these items, we’re going to order Freddy’s glove and his hat.  Good luck on your hunt for the perfect costume.  Make sure you check out this site before making any final decisions.  I’ve been able to find some real deals here in the past!

Did you know Freddy likes football?


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