Guest Post: Benefits Of The HCG Program

Lara is on the mom blog today to share some information on the HCG diet.  Meet Lara:

For some of us there is a need to change the way our bodies are shaped or to shed the loose fat on our mid sections, arms or legs. If your weight issue has been with you for some time, then you’ve probably tried more than one remedy or method of weight loss. You may have tried creating an exercise routine but your hectic schedule eventually overtook your work out appointments until you quit your gym altogether. Maybe you’ve bought a few products you’ve seen on TV or read about online that have promised to be the fix all miracle cure for transforming your body to your dream physique state. This is by no means a bad thing, its actually quite common and many have done the same exact thing as you.

At this point you’re not messing around with gimmicks and ready to actually make something happen and to change your mind and change your body once and for all. The HCG diet is by far the most complete solution that does not over promise or guarantee to work, the HCG diet actually DOES work. It safely allows any man or woman to re-sculpt their body without exercise by losing 1-2 pounds per day for nearly 40 days.

Unlike the past where some HCG diets required the use of injections in order to deliver the HCG solution to your body, HCG also works using drops taken by mouth.  This is revolutionary that men and women can drop loose fat and experience safe weight loss without going into a gym.

There are many other benefits but the best way to find out is to try it yourself and experience the weight loss benefits for a whole new outlook on life. You can use a simple 23 day program with an HCG oral diet regimen designed to help men and women lose not only POUNDS but actual INCHES from places where loose fat is an issue. Get started today with your HCG diet.

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  1. I visited my doctor about 7 weeks ago. I started HCG on the 16th of September… I was on the protocol for 43 days and lost 34.6lbs. I have to say–that I had tried everything and was considering more drastic measures. I’m on the 2nd day of Maintenance and I can’t believe how well this diet works.

    I plan to do at least one more round to complete my weight loss cycle after maintenance. I would just say–that although you can get HCG in healthfood stores–if considering this diet–make sure you read WHERE the HCG was manufactured. If not getting it from your physician–then make sure you get the HCG that is manufactured in the USA.

    Cheers, Jenn

    1. Great job on the weight loss. There are so many new ways out there to lose weight. I am a fan of weight watchers, but this week, with Halloween around the corner, I may not do too well!
      Bobbie Anne

  2. Hi just wanted to chime in on this post. I was a little “iffy” on using HCG because I don’t like to use too many supplements that may be unnatural for my body. But after reading I decided to give HCG a try. I have lost about 10 pounds over 3 weeks without much of a change in diet or exercise. I’m a fairly active person, but I’m not an exercise nut. I do think it works, but I don’t think I will use it long term. I’m interested to see what my weight will be after mixing the HCG Diet with exercise and no “cheat” days. 🙂

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