Halloween Night Safety Tips

Halloween night will be here before we know it. Luke is back on the mom blog with a helpful guest post containing Halloween night safety tips.

Staying Safe While Trick or Treating

Halloween is always fun for kids to get all the free candy they can hold and have fun with their friends. But there’s always a little danger involved – apparent and hidden – and parents need to ensure that their children are safe. Follow these tips to make sure everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.

Parental Supervision While Trick or Treating

This can’t be stressed enough – by having at least one parent tag along, most of the potential safety risks will be thwarted. Young kids can become engrossed in the fun and quickly find themselves lost. Parents will also make sure that street crossings are safe. Each year a trick-or-treater or two is struck by a car. And, as sad as it is, it must be mentioned that not all candy givers have the best intentions. By having a parent standing guard, no one will dare try to attempt any bad tricks.

Flashlights/Glow Sticks

Trick or treating is generally done in the dark. You want the kiddos to be well lit to ensure they aren’t struck by vehicles and so you can keep tabs on them easily, and streetlights only do so much. Glow sticks are a simple solution. They can be fastened around the neck or wrists with no need to occupy a hand. Parents may want to bring a flashlight to carry as well.

Only Go to Homes with Lights On

Some folks just don’t hand out Halloween candy. They may need to wake early the next day, aren’t home, or simply don’t like Halloween. Ringing the doorbell of unlit homes could lead to an ugly confrontation with the homeowner. Kids might not be aware of the unwritten “lights on” Halloween rule, so be sure to tell them ahead of time. There’s no need to subject the kids to an unhappy homeowner.

Candy Inspection

When it’s time to unload the loot, be sure to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to homemade candy. Any unwrapped fruits or candy should be tossed immediately. Don’t rule out packaged candy either – if the wrapper has been tampered with, pitch it! There is no reason to take risks when it comes to tiny pieces of candy and your child’s health.

Following these easy safety guidelines will lead to a safe and fun Halloween for everyone involved. The kids can get all the candy they can handle, safely and without incident. Halloween is meant to be fun, make sure it stays that way!

About the author:

Luke is decorated trick-or-treater with countless Snickers to his name. He spends his time brushing up on his air conditioning repair skills and trying to scheme more free candy out of the unwitting.

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