Have You Experienced The Hexbug Ant?

Earlier my boys and I reviewed Hexbug’s Nano Habitat Set.  The whole family loved the hexbugs and now we are buying another Hexbug Nano Set for a birthday gift for one of my son’s kindergarten friends.   My oldest son noticed that Hexbug has now come out with a Hexbug Ant Micro Robotic Creature.  I contacted Hexbug.com so that we could review the Hexbug Ant since the Hexbug Nano was such a hit at our house.

The Hexbug Ant is a lot bigger in size than the Hexbug Nano and it is FAST!  I opened the package, turned it on, laid it on our area rug and it was gone before I knew it.  Both the dog and I were trying to catch it while the rest of the family laughed at us.  It was whizzing close to the couch and I could see myself on the floor trying to get it out from under there, but this ant, it didn’t need any help escaping the couch.  It hit the wall, turned itself around and was back out running across my floor.  Once the ant hits an object, it turns around and heads another direction.

Get your running shoes on for this one and put your indoor pets up before the Hexbug Ant comes out to play.  If you read my last review, our dog ate the white vibrating Hexbug Nano, and I believe the sight of the new Hexbug Ant made her mouth water!

So Hexbug fans, this new Hexbug Ant is a must.  If anything, it will wear your kids out chasing it around the house!  I am so glad that my family was introduced to Hexbugs, we have ALL had fun with these products!  You can purchase Hexbug products from Hexbug.com or through my Hexbug Ant Amazon Link.  These Hexbug Ants are also available in red, blue, pink, orange and green like the one we reviewed.

I would recommend the Hexbug Nano Glows in the Dark Habitat Set for younger children since my five year old was “nuts” about it and the package recommended ages 3 and up.  The Hexbug Ant was developed with older children in mind since the package says – Caution: Not intended for children under 14 years.



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