Hexbug’s Nano Habitat Set Passes The Test: Mom / Son Review

The “reviewers” are getting ready to put HexBug.com’s Glow In The Dark HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set to the test!

As soon as the Glow In The Dark HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set hit the carpet, it was a success!  The 11 year old assembled the track while the 5 year old tested out his Hexbug everywhere but the track!  He found that he could balance them on the HEXBUG product box without his bug running off the edge for a few minutes, he could watch them run across both the hard wood and carpet floor while discovering that our dog loved chasing them!  The Hexbugs move just like real bugs as they vibrate across the floor.  They reminded me of a roach as it sped across our floor, just daring the dog to eat it!

This track was easily assembled by both kids.  They were able to construct several different tracks with the pieces that came with this set.  They held their own Hexbug races where each kid placed their bug in the designated starting area and watched as they maneuvered their way through the track until the “winner” hit the designated finish line.  This was a great game since each child was equally playing with no advantages.  It was up to the Hexbugs to “hit the finish line” and not up to the 11 year old to outsmart his younger brother and continue to dominate the game.

Once the kids figured out the purpose for all the moveable doors, this changed and the 11 year old became the “King of the Hexbug Races!”  He loved what he could do while opening and shutting the doors.  He used these doors to manuever his HexBug straight to the designated finish line without having to wait and hope that his Hexbug won the race for him.  This highly irritated the five year old and thrilled the 11 year old!

After 30 minutes, the older reviewer moved on and an hour later the 5 year old was still “training” his racing Hexbug.  Actually, he “trained” his Hexbug until the battery wore itself down after a few hours!  Now we were only down to one racing Hexbug and it hadn’t gotten dark yet so we could Race on the Glow in the Dark track.  Hours later, we charged up the remaining Hexbug and the track under the light.  The 5 year old sat in the dark and watched his brother’s Hexbug cruise through the Nano Habitat Set.  Awhile later, the oldest reviewer decided to check out the Glo in the Dark action, but his Hexbug had run away.  Coincidence or did the dog have a late night snack when we weren’t looking?

Evidentally the youngest reviewer left a Nano Habitat door open and the Hexbug found freedom from the track.  It has been 2 days since the Hexbug ran away and I still haven’t found him.  No worries, we’ve been online and ordered the Hexbug Nano Newton Motion Series 5 Pack.  Now we’ve got 5 new Hexbugs on the way.  This time I’ll make sure the bugs don’t escape and make it back into the box after their races are over!  After reading this review, you can see that even though the 11 year was interested in this set, it would make a better gift for a younger child because my 5 year old was truly mesmerized by this set.  You can purchase this Hexbug Nano Glows in the Dark Habitat Set from Amazon.com or through Hexbug.com.

May The Races Begin,

Bobbie Anne

This was an uncompensated review and all opinions are my own.

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