Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

I received my 6 lb. Himalayan Salt Lamp  from www.himalayansaltshop.com and it is AWESOME!  This is the neatest lamp that I have ever had.  I love unique items and this is definitely unique.  Each lamp has a unique shape as no one salt rock is identical since it is natural and not man made.

This lamp lets off more light than expected, and is perfect for lighting up the living room at night while watching television.  I love this lamp so much, that I am ordering a few of them for Christmas gifts.  Shhh, don’t tell, but I am getting one for each of my boys to use in their room as a night light.  Imagine how awesome it would be to use colored bulbs in these.  It would knock down the brightness and would be so cool to have a blue or green lamp made from a large rock of salt!  The only downfall with this, is that the colored light bulbs would lessen the salt ionization, but your lamp would look awesome when turned on.  Think back when you were a kid, wouldn’t you want an awesome lamp in your room that none of your friends had?

Here’s a few facts about the Himalayan Salt Lamps that I pulled from their website:

  • Made from natural crystal salt from underground Himalayan salt mines
  • Heat from the light bulbs causes the salt to emit negative ions which neutralizes the pollutants in the air
  • These lamps can also lesson symptoms from asthma and allergies
  • These salt lamps naturally cleanse the air


15 thoughts on “Himalayan Salt Lamp Review”

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    1. Good luck Kate and if you don\’t win, they are running a sale right now. I just ordered 7 of them today! Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas?

      Bobbie Anne

    1. It is very neat. Someone told me that when they got one of these, that everyone in their family licked it to see if it was really salt. Can you imagine that? No one licked it at my house, we just all had to feel it.
      Bobbie Anne

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    1. No worries! I know you are working hard to win this contest and I will NOT disqualify any of your entries. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I use rafflecopter to tweet all my giveaways, but have never checked the URL\’s. Thank you for the time you\’ve put into telling me about this problem.
      Good LUCK!
      Bobbie Anne

  3. yes joanne that happens to me all the time too..its very annoying it always shows my prior tweet instead of the one I just did..grrrrrrrrrrr now i have to make sure to refresh my profile to make sure i get the right tweet link.

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