Minnie Mouse / Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Planning Ideas

I love planning birthday parties.  Party planning can work one of two ways:  you can either buy everything pre-made, or you can do most of the work yourself depending on how much time you have to prepare for the party.  Are you looking to host a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party or a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party soon?  I like to make the cake myself, but add extras too.  For example, I make the cake / cupcakes but add toppers to them that are sure to catch some attention since my cupcakes always look so plain.  Here’s  some Disney Mickey and Minnie Cupcake Topper Rings  that you may like to add to your Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse party.  My kids always loved wearing these big rings while eating their cupcakes.  Minnie’s 1st Birthday Cupcake Standwould also “dress up” your cupcakes.  After years of hosting birthday parties, I have learned to make a batch of vanilla cupcakes and a batch of chocolate cupcakes with matching frosting.  I make sure and leave a few of each flavor unfrosted for those who don’t like frosting.   You can always frost them if you run out of the frosted ones, but the non frosting people will really appreciate it.  Some mothers are against colored dye and do not wish their child to have colored frosting and they LOVE the unfrosted ones!

Back to the planning…after deciding what Mickey/ Minnie cake toppers / display stands to use for my cake, I also shop for other birthday party supplies such as:

Mickey / Minnie Mouse – Party Backdrop
Party decoration Pink Polka dot balloons

Minnie Mouse 54in x 96in Plastic Tablecover  (Clean & reuse for future get togethers – your kids will love it.)
Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

Minnie Mouse 125x125
I also checked out BirthdayinaBox.com Shop by Theme.  I thought that they only had “box deals,” but after browsing their site today, I realized they have tons of individual party items to offer as well as matching party supply sets.

Here’s a few items that caught my eye:

Personalized Placemats – only $7.99

Personalized Zipperpulls

Personalized banners from Birthday in a Box!

Personalized Mini Magnets – only $0.89

Personalized stickers at Birthday in a Box!

They even offered Party Planning Ideas.  I always love reading about new ideas where my family will benefit.  As time goes on, the more parties you host, the better they will continue to be!

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