Mom Review: One, Two, Tie My Shoe

Do you need some help in teaching your child to tie their shoes?  One, Two, Tie My Shoe is a great kit that will help your child learn the steps to tying his / her own shoes.  This kit comes with both English and Spanish instructions along with “picture instructions” for your child.  It also includes six sets of colored rings, so when you lose a few, the lessons do not have to stop.  When your child has mastered this shoe tying lesson, One, Two Tie My Shoe has even included a reward sticker for your child!

My kindergartner is now learning to tie his shoes and tested out one of these kits.  It definitely helped him understand how to tie the “bunny ears.”  The only problem was that his shoe laces were not thick and easily slid out of the rings while he was trying to tie his laces.  His shoe laces were also a little short for this, so we need to purchase longer laces to help with our shoe tying efforts.

He will not be able to use the rings on his own at school right now, but they are great for his shoe tying lessons at the house.   For under $8.00, shipping included, you need to purchase one of these.  It will definitely take the stress out of your shoe tying lessons.

One, Two, Tie My Shoe FAQ

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