New Social Network for Photographers

Guest Post:  Braden has requested to share information about a new social network for photographers on the mom blog.

Around a month ago, a new website was launched for one specific purpose, to bring the likes of amateur and professional photographers together online. Whether you are picking up a camera for the first time, or use it every day, Shutter Society is the resource that will allow you to connect and learn with others. Shutter Society ( is really a very unique site, as it integrates user forums inside a much bigger social network. Still, you may be wondering “How does this differ from Flickr?”
1. Shutter Society is learning-based, not photo based. Sure, others can critique photos you upload on Shutter Society, but the true learning comes from the well organized groups, forums, and friend connections.

2. The Rewards System. Shutter Society has its very own points system integrated with the site. Stay committed to the website by posting new content or replying to others and you will eventually get rewarded with free photography

3. Twitter-like Mention system between users. Since there is an activity stream built into the site, users can mention each other in their activity updates, bringing the best part of Twitter in a new photography themed environment.

4. Site-wide contests. Users can enter contests that are held both site and group-wide for great prizes.
So if you are even remotely interested in learning about photography, I encourage you to join their website. You can sign up directly at, or browse the site at

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