Poise Stomps Embarrassment!

Lunchbox, the PR firm for Poise, is compensating me for the following sponsored post.

Did you realize how common it is for a woman to have light bladder leakage?  One out of every three women have this issue and Poise wants women to know that they are not alone.  This is just one more stage of life that we must go through.  It’s just like making a speech, be prepared, and you’ll do fine.  If you have a bladder leakage problem, Poise will help you live life comfortably.

The October Women’s Health Program is available at Sam’s Club where you can purchase Poise. Your Sam’s Club membership will save you $11.72 per box.   Poise is there to lock away wetness and odor, so no worries in that department.  Poise also contours to fit your body for comfort and helps keep you feeling fresh.

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