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Enter To Win Your Own Rubbermaid Bento Bundle as pictured above, except your bundle will only have four total boxes whereas the picture above shows five.  The Bento Bundle comes with four boxes, one of each size and 3 lids which are for the 3 largest boxes.

Rubbermaid asked me to review their new Bento organizers in return for my own free set of Bento storage organizers.  Of course I agreed and was excited, but I had no idea how nice these would be.   When agreeing to write the review, I was planning on using these boxes to store my Christmas ornaments in.  All my holiday ornaments are now kept in the attic in plastic totes or cardboard boxes.  When I opened my Bento Bundle, I couldn’t believe how nice these organizers were!  There is no way I am putting these in the attic, so I had to look around the house for another idea for my new Bentos.  Once I hit the bedroom closet, I had a great idea.  I sell candle warmers and it has taken over a whole shelf with all the books, order forms, fragrances bars, samples and other small items that I currently keep on a shelf inside bags and small boxes.  Check out what I was able to do with just two of my Bento containers.

This is the view taken from the top of the largest size container.  Each of the four corners offers flex dividers that can be expanded and used or placed against the sides of the Bento if you choose not to use it.  The lids can also be placed upsidedown on the boxes to act as a tray or in my case, a work area when I am putting an order together.

This is taken from above the small oblong box and was perfect for holding my trial size samples.  I usually use bins for storing larger items such as seasonal clothing, but the Bentos are MUCH too nice for that.  They are more than colored boxes, they are great organizers with an awesome presentation.  I am thinking of keeping one of these in my truck with my candle warmer catalogs, order forms, samples, etc.  This will give my products a professional presentation and be easy for me to carry inside with me when I travel to a candle warmer Party.

Rubbermaid offers three different Bento designs, I chose paprika since I thought the dark color would have a “cleaner appearance” over time.  The four pack bundle of Bento organizers retail for $113.93 on

Here’s some information I found on the tags of each of the Bento Boxes: Stack, Cover, Organize!

Small – great for jewelry, small tools, valet, small office supplies – 5.63 x 5.63 x 4.53 in size

Medium – great for crafting supplies, mail drop, dvds, games, and office supplies – 11.42 x 6.22 x 4.88 in size

Large – Perfect for small toys, file folders, hair care, magazines, dvds, video games, and audio/video

accessories – 12.05 x 12.05 x 9.49 in size

X-Large – Perfect for large toys, file folders, hair care, magazines, linens, towels, and board games -19.61 x 12.68 x 9.92 in size

Visit Rubbermaid’s Adventures in Organization Blog to read how Rubbermaid and professional organizers use Bento Boxes and Toppers.  You can also check out Rubbermaid’s Video library for additional organizing tips for around the house!

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