Teach Shoe Tying With Tie Buddies

We just got our Tie Buddies in today. These are my favorite shoe tying aids that I have reviewed so far and this is my third shoe tying review! The reason why I say Tie Buddies are my favorite, is because they will NOT come off your shoe laces.  The other aids were great in teaching a child to tie shoes, but could be easily lost when other children started messing with them.  The Tie Buddies attach tightly to the laces and are “woven on.”  I had to change out shoe laces in my son’s shoes and had to cut the laces in order to get the Tie Buddies off.

I would recommend buying new laces before attaching your Tie Buddies.  You need the ends of your shoe laces to be totally intact in order to put the Tie Buddies on.  Our shoe laces were unraveling on one shoe and we had to get new laces in order to get both sets of Tie Buddies on my son’s shoes.

Check it out:  learn how it works, read testimonials and shop the Tie Buddy store.

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