Treat Your Family To Cool Touch Kleenex: A Mom Review

I received a Kleenex bundle in order to write a review on their new products.  The bundle included a wallet pack,a pocket pack with 3-ply, an auto pack and a box of Cool Touch Kleenex.  My 5 year old son loves to open packages, so he was the first one to check out my Kleenex bundle.  I didn’t think Kleenex would ever bring as much excitement as it did when saw all the “rainbow” colored Kleenex pocket packs.  When my children are excited about something, they are ten more times likely to use it.  Just a few weeks ago, allergies were hitting him and I was stuffing wads of tissues in his pockets.  If I would’ve had this Kleenex bundle, I could’ve place a pocket pack in his backpack, bedroom, and in his desk at school.  He would have been proud to carry the wallet size pack in his pocket.  I would have gladly carried the auto size pack in the van and he would have loved the cool touch tissues for around the house.

When buying tissues, I usually don’t buy the cheapest ones since I’m afraid they might not be soft, but I don’t buy the most expensive ones either, since to me, a tissue, is just a tissue.  In reviewing the Cool Touch Kleenex, I wanted to be honest in my review and not just automatically hand out a “thumbs up.”  I decided to test these out on my family against our current brand of tissues.  I placed a small mark on the Cool Touch Kleenex and then gave everyone 2 tissues to rub across their nose, with one being the Cool Touch and the other, our current brand.  It is unbelievable, but the Cool Touch tissue was always cool on our skin, like it had been in the fridge!  My family members, me included, could tell the difference every time, after many tests using the same tissues over and over.   After reading about Cool Touch Kleenex, I found out that the cool sensation is activated by your body heat.   This would feel great for those times when your nose is almost raw from continuous blowing when you have a cold.   So, Kleenex, you have gotten my attention on this one and from now on, I will look for the Cool Touch tissues for my family.

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