Photo Blanket Review

I contacted about reviewing one of their products.  They gladly sent me a pre-designed furry, fleece photo blanket.  My 5 year old son was the first to meet the delivery man and grab this package.   Before I could even get the box completely opened, he had claimed this blanket as his own.  He was snuggling with it before I could even unfold it and look at the design.  I have to say, this is the softest blanket we have at the house!  While watching television after supper, everyone has their “favorite” blanket they use while relaxing in the family room each night.  If I am fast and sneaky, I can use this new Vision Bedding blanket, if not, the 5 year old grabs it up each night.  So with that being said, this blanket definitely meets my five year old reviewer’s approval!  After using this blanket and revisiting, I would love to design a personalized photo blanket myself.  Take a look at a few of their design ideas.  Here’s a little information taken directly from their site:

Why VisionBedding Photo Blankets?

  • VisionBedding is the only place that has our very own “Vision Blankets” which are two layers thick and offer the best picture clarity on the market.
  • Find every blanket available on the market from woven photo blankets to fleece photo blankets such as the jersey and furry fleece blankets.
  • Use the Coolest Picture Collages for your blanket ranging from bright colors to stylish patterns – and all are free!
  • You are able to choose where you want your pictures to go on the blanket and you get to confirm everything about your blanket before we make it.
  • Fast and helpful staff to ensure your picture blanket turns out just how you imagined!
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