– Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales

I love shopping on and honestly do most of my Christmas Shopping here.  I make sure to order my items at least $25 at a time since most of my purchases are eligible for free shipping when I purchase at least $25 per order.  I always hear about great Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals, but honestly, have never tried to catch any of these deals myself.  I noticed that Amazon is offering a deal where you can Shop Amazon’s Black Friday Week which will include both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that you can take advantage of online without fighting the Black Friday crowds.  I have inserted the Amazon Black Friday Week banner on my upper right hand sidebar so we can easily stay on top of Amazon’s deals this week.  I have seen some great deals on electronics, video games, DVDs and more.  So far, I am planning on purchasing the Fast Five DVD for my middle school aged son.  Recently we rented this movie and he loved it.  At $8.99, I can’t go wrong with  this one.

I also wanted to shop Amazon’s Holiday Toy List.  It makes my shopping experience easier if I have a few ideas before making my final toy selections.  For example, right now on Amazon, the Razor A Kick Scooter and Ripstik Caster Board are both on sale and eligible for super saver shipping.  Our Ripstik broke awhile back and this would be the perfect time to replace it.

Good luck with your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.  Be careful if you plan on shopping the stores.  I’ll be online hunting down a few deals from my living room couch!  Feel free to share the deals that you find, I’d love to hear about them!

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