Kingston urDrive Review / Giveaway ENDED

Thank you to Kingston for sponsoring this review. Please click here to learn more about Kingston. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

This Kingston DataTraveler 109 review couldn’t have happened at a better time.  I just got a new computer and it was time to transfer all my files from my old computer before it decided to shut down for the final time!  This flash drive was amazing and held all my files with no problem.  The physical size of this USB flash drive is smaller than usual, but it has a “ring” on the end of it which makes it easy to attach to a key ring or other object.  I tied a ribbon through the end of my drive in order to keep track of it. Students could even wear the DataTraveler around their neck on a cool cord.   My 6th grade son uses flash drives at school, but they seem to “walk off,” so  this would be a great idea for him.  This small size com; however, comes in handy for me when I’m on the go, and need to keep it in my pocket.

Once my new computer was up and going with all my transferred files, it was time to take the urDrive software on a test drive!  I opened the Kingston Flash Drive up on my computer and downloaded the urDrive software.  Wow, you would not believe everything this software allows you to do.   The drive itself not only stores your files, it helps you organize them too!  You can sort your flash drive contents by files, photos, music and videos.  It also allows you to keep updated on Kingston news and has a built in urDrive user guide so you have no excuse not to use this software to its’ full potential.  Now for the features, which is even more exciting:

  • Scan your PC automatically with Norton PC checkup.
  • urDrive’s browser allows you to browse the internet from any computer using your personal favorites and bookmarks.
  • Access online storage.
  • Fooz Kids is a free app that offers secure internet browsing for your children.
  • urDrive gives you access to games. You can check out games, read about their system requirements, download free trial versions and also have the option to purchase them.
  • You can also download apps through the urDrive Store.  Each app lists a description, updates, ratings and reviews.
  • urDrive even comes with a built-in Photo Viewer and music player!

You can now see that the Kingston flash drives with built in urDrive definitely puts themselves in a class above a regular USB flash drive, so pick yourself up one today!  You can find the Kingston urDrive at,,, fry’s,, and

Thanks to Kingston, I am offering a urDrive USB five pack giveaway.  Make sure you enter, these would make great stocking stuffers!    Multiple entries are welcome, even come back daily and tweet the giveaway again for additional entries.  GOOD LUCK!


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  1. I found this giveaway listed on the rafflecopter only site-giveaway blogdom

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  2. found ur blog in twitter. I am sleep deprived and so I said I did it in Where would you shop for a Kingston drive? My ans is love to shop it in amazon

    1. Good Luck Rajee, get some rest. Do you have a Google + account set up since GFC will be leaving in March 2012?
      If so, send me the link and I will follow you there too.
      Bobbie Anne

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