Left Over Mashed Potatoes? Potato Salad Recipe


I love my mother-in-law’s potato salad and have always watched her make it, but have never tackled it myself.  This year I wrote down the recipe.  Since she’s made this potato salad so much, there were no exact measurements, so be sure to taste it while mixing it up!  Just keep in mind, the bulk of your potato salad is the potatoes, so the more potatoes, the  more miracle whip and eggs.

Potato Salad

Mashed Potatoes (She uses the ones left over from the previous meal)

Miracle Whip Light (Use triple the amount of Miracle Whip than relish and mustard)

Relish, not TOO much


Boiled Eggs and Yolks cut up in small cubes

Onion (Optional – I don’t like very much)




DEVILED EGGS: You can use the Miracle Whip Light / Mustard / Egg Yolk combination to fill in boiled egg white halves




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