New Slim Fast On The Go Bottles Taste Great!

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I have been drinking Slim-Fast shakes for over 15 years now.  When I first started drinking these shakes I was buying the large tubs of powder and mixing it in the blender.  Then I moved on to the cans, which I would take to work in my purse.  Next came the cans with added protein and fiber and now…. Slim Fast On The Go in bottles which can be conveniently placed back in your purse without spilling out after you are finished.

There is a Slim Fast Plan referred to as the 3-2-1 Plan which requires the user to consume 3 snacks, 2 Slim Fast shakes and one balanced meal per day.  Slim fast has many delicious bars to chose from, but I haven’t ever used them to test out the Slim Fast 3-2-1 Plan.  I watch my weight by tracking my intake with Weight Watchers, with my intake being predetermined by my weight.  I like to use Slim Fast shakes and bars with my Weight Watchers plan because Slim Fast offers low point foods that I can easily enjoy without eating too many points throughout the day.  I am now on week 19 of my weight loss plan and have lost over 20 pounds.  I enjoy the foods I eat, I just had to adjust the brands that I choose.  For example, instead of drinking a large glass of chocolate milk with the kids, drink chocolate Slim Fast Shakes.  Instead of eating a chocolate candy bar, choose a Slim Fast 100 calorie snack bar instead.

Every time I need to “rev” up my diet, I increase my protein and fiber intake.  Each Slim Fast shake contains 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber which also helps with hunger control.  You can purchase the new on the go bottle in Creamy Milk Chocolate, French Vanilla, Rich Chocolate Royale, Cappuccino Delight and Strawberries N’ Cream.  All of the flavors are appealing, but my favorites are Creamy Milk Chocolate and Rich Chocolate Royale.  When I bought the Slim Fast that I tried for this review, I was looking for Creamy Milk Chocolate, but unfortunately this flavor was completely sold out at Kroger – tell you anything? Since my second favorite was well stocked, I bought the Rich Chocolate Royale instead.

Slim Fast products have always been easy for me to find. I have bought them at Wal-mart and several grocery stores.  One tip, don’t tell you kids that your Slim Fast foods taste good, or you won’t be able to keep them in stock at your house.  My oldest son always wants to drink my Slim Fast Shakes even though I keep the kids fully stocked in Chocolate Milk!

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6 thoughts on “New Slim Fast On The Go Bottles Taste Great!”

    1. Yes, try these. They are great for when you\’re hungry and running out the door. They will keep you from driving through the drive through when you are in a hurry. I always keep snacks in the car just in case I get the urge for food and I\’m not at the house. Be sure and let me know which flavor you like the best. I tend to buy the same ones over and over!

      Bobbie Anne

  1. I agree slim fast shakes do work ( for most ) I say for most cause I tried them once and they did not agree with me.However my friends have tried them with much success – i do like the snack bars’s a good idea to keep them in the car to have a quick healthy snack avail.

  2. I have several buy one get one free for the new bottles of slim-fast from my local Sunday paper. However, I’m not sure if it is worth it. The last time I used Slim-Fast was in the cans which left a terrible after-taste. Any information on the taste before I buy them would be helpful.

    1. The cans from the past did leave an \”aluminum taste.\” I found the chocolate flavors to be the best without the after taste. In the past, I liked to drink the Capuccino flavor, but it did always leave an after taste. Since the new bottles just came out, I have only tried the Chocolate Royale and didn\’t notice any after taste. Why don\’t you use one of your coupons with a Chocolate flavor and buy more if you like them.
      Good Luck!
      Bobbie Anne

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