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This is a compensated review of  All opinions are my own and not those of the compensating company.

I was asked to check out and also list an item on their site to sell. When listing an item online, you will need a scale, your unsealed, boxed up item, a few pictures of your item and a ruler / measuring tape.  If you have lots of items to sell, it can save you time if you take all your pictures first, weigh each boxed item and mark its’ measurements / weight in pencil on the box. Getting all this information together first will help you once you start the listing process.  It is much easier to list everything this way than to have to leave the computer and take pictures and get weights in between each listing.

Setting a listing up on is very similar to listing your items on Ebay, but is more like Paypal. is a payment processor or a social checkout.  Your items are listed on their site to make it possible for you to sell them on social media sites after they are listed.  For example, after you’ve gotten your listing set up, you are asked if you’d like to share  it on Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Oodle, or Ebay Classifieds.

I shared my listing on Facebook and Twitter.  When sharing on Facebook, you are able to share it on your wall, your friends wall, or a group wall just like sharing another message on Facebook.  When using Twitter, your PayOnDelivery URL is listed for you in the tweet and you are also given room to list a little about the item you are selling.  As far as Craigslist goes, I’ve had bad selling experiences on this site and have seen too many “deals gone bad” on the Houston news so I no longer list items on this site. PayOnDelivery takes care of this problem by not requiring buyers to pay until after they receive their purchases.  So, as long as you do not meet anyone in person from Craigslist and always use the shipping method through, there should be no more worries about Craigslist scams.  I am not that familiar with Oodle, but am a fan of Ebay and would trust their classified sections.  When you share your listings on Oodle, Ebay Classifieds or Craigslist, PayOnDelivery will ask you to save your pictures so that you can use them on those listings – now with the PayOnDelivery watermark on them.  This will let the buyers on Oodle, Ebay Classifieds and Craiglist know that your sales are protected with the PayOnDelivery Guarantee.

Here’s how a PayOnDelivery transaction works:

  •  The transaction begins with the seller making an offer to the buyer.
  •  The offer can then be accepted by the seller.
  • PayOnDelivery places a payment hold for the buyer until the buyer receives their purchase which protects the buyer from dishonest sellers.
  • It is time for shipment processing, the seller now prints shipping labels from
  •  The seller drops off the package at a shipping location.
  •  The buyer receives the package.
  •  The seller is now paid from the buyers held payment and the transaction is complete.

 The PayOnDelivery site offers the following protections to its’ buyers:

  • No Delivery, No Payment
  • Never Overpay For Shipping
  • Secure Site
  • Buy And Sell Safely Anywhere
  • Return Within 24 Hours
  • Discounted Shipping
  • No Hidden Fees

Benefits for the Seller:

  • Discounted Shipping
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Never Overpay For Shipping
  • Buy and Sell Safely Anywhere

The seller isn’t required to pay shipping fees up front, but will incur an 8% transaction fee.  The seller also benefits from PayOnDelivery because the odds of selling your item faster is increased with the exposure that is added with the sharing feature.

With the holidays around the corner, this would be a great time to check out this site for yourself.  You aren’t charged any fees until your item sells, so there’s nothing to lose in testing it out.  I always try to sell my children’s unwanted /outgrown toys in order to make room for the new toys that will come  at Christmas.  This clears out their rooms and adds a little money to my Christmas fund at the same time.  When’s the last time you’ve de-cluttered your child’s room?  How about your closet, any holiday outfits that you won’t be wearing this year?


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