Personalized Letters From Santa Only $5.99

Look what I got from Birthday In A Box!  It is a personalized letter to me from Santa!

This would be so much fun to receive in the mail.  It came in a HUGE red envelope, over 12 inches in length.  When I opened it, I found a personalized letter AND a personalized coloring book with my name on every page but one!

There are three different designs and my boys received the Santa and Traditional Christmas letter/ coloring book packages.  I have only seen the snowman version since I am going to wait and give my boys their letters closer to Christmas.

The youngest received the Santa version and the oldest child received the Tradtional Christmas version.

As an adult, I even smiled when I saw my name written throughout the coloring book.  I never dreamed that the coloring book would be personalized too!

Check out the line above from one of the coloring book pages – how cute!

Here’s the first paragraph of my letter:

“Dear Bobbie,

Everyone has been working so hard getting ready for Christmas .  Today, I decided we should take the day off from work and have some fun playing in the snow!  While the elves and I were building a snowman, I told them about you making the list of good little boys and girls.  They were so proud of you for making the good list, Bobbie, that they game me a special winter wonderland coloring book just for you!”

I simply love these letter / coloring book packages and can’t wait for my kids to find these in the mail!  As a parent, I love this idea, especially the price.  Can you believe that you can send all this to a child for only $6.00 which also includes the shipping.  How many young kids do you have on your list that would love to get this letter and coloring book  in the mail?  For only $5.99 you just can’t go wrong with this.  It made me smile, imagine what it would do for a child see this HUGE red envelope with their name on it and then realize that Santa wrote them a letter and sent them a personalized coloring book too!

I’ll be sure and let you know about the other letters once my boys open them, but until then, you can check out the  letters by clicking:  Personalized Letters From Santa

Which one is your favorite?  If you like the personalized coloring books, check out their year round selections by clicking: Personalized Coloring Books



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