Review: Plasma Car, Durable Ride

I just received a red Plasma Car to use in writing my Plasma Car review and I am impressed.  Have you ever seen a ride on toy that is so durable that it can hold up to 220 pounds!  Yes, 220 pounds on flat surfaces, so you guessed it, I rode it too!!!  The manual says this ride on toy will hold 120 pounds on uneven surfaces and 220 pounds on even surfaces.  What a deal, you can now be assured that you can sit down on your child’s toy without breaking it!  So many times my children have wanted me to try out their ride on toys, and I’ve had to turn them down saying that their toy wasn’t made for an adult, only for a child, which always brought disappointment.

The manual also says this toy is recommended for ages 3 and up.  I have to say, my youngest son is 5 and I really thought this toy would be too young for him since he rides many toys that are made for older children.  At first, he saw it as a “baby toy” since it was short to the ground, but the last few days he and his 11 year old brother have had a ball on it in the driveway.  Now that I know about the awesome weight limit of this toy, you can also find me taking a joy ride every once in awhile.

I’m glad my family was able to experience the Plasma Car, and I believe this toy would be perfect for kids ranging from  3  to young fives.  My son would not have left this toy at 3 years old!  It is perfect for the driveway and offers your child a great opportunity for some extra excercise.  Just turn the wheel from side to side and you are off!  You can use your legs to push yourself, or ride and turn the wheel and you’ll be on your way.  You can even put the car in reverse by a turn of the steering wheel!

Parents, great news, the Plasma Car was VERY simple to assemble, with very few steps that can be quickly completed.  All I needed was a long, skinny screwdriver, a hammer and everything else needed for assembly was in the box.  The Plasma Car has been recognized with many awards including the iParenting Media Toy Award and Top Toy List by Today’s Parent.

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