Style ‘N Ride & RFX Scooters By Radio Flyer

This is one of the cutest scooter models that I have seen.  The Style ‘N Ride Scooter for girls has a cute pink flower design and light pink wheels.  The handle bar adjusts in three different positions giving this scooter a wide range of height options.  The age recommendation for the Style ‘N Ride is five and up.  This scooter will also hold up to 150 pounds.   Since the handle bar is so adjustable, both a 5 and an 8 year old could ride the same scooter by adjusting the handle bar in between rides.

The scooter was very easily assembled and came with everything you needed to put it together.  The box also included 10 interchangeable colored bands and over 70 stickers .  You child can easily customize this scooter and even trade bands with friends.

The boys version of this scooter is called the RFX and comes with over 50 stickers.  My 5 year old received the RFX to review.  He loved the customizable clips and started digging through the stickers while I was assembling the scooter.
Once the scooter was assembled, he began riding it and doing “bunny hops” with it.  The scooter was the just the right size for him and he loved the design over his other “plain looking” scooters.  The 11 year old took his turn on the RFX, but the bottom board that you stand on was too small for his size 7 feet which made it harder for him to ride.  The 11 year old would definitely need the next size up in Radio Flyer Scooters, but the five year is all set with his customizable, RFX!



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