Giveaway / Review: Household Traditions Dish Detergent ENDED

About a month ago I reviewed Tropical Tradition’s 32-oz. – Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil.  I was impressed with it and found many great recipe ideas in Tropical Tradition’s coconut recipe sectionI was asked to select another one of their products to review and this time chose the Household Traditions Powdered Dishwashing Detergent With Enzymes – 5 lb.  The container readers “Ultra-Concentrate, chlorine free dishwasher detergent.”  I love the container because it has a screw on lid and resembles a huge pill bottle holding 5 pounds of detergent.  The current dish washing detergent that I buy comes in a box and always leaks out a little when coming in and out of the cabinet.  The Household Traditions container has a measuring scoop inside which will help me get just the right amount of detergent rather than dumping it into the built in dishwasher cup in the door of my dishwasher.

Now for the bad news, my dishwasher just broke down so I can’t personally use this detergent now.  This is bad news, but my friend was excited because she got to be the “tester” this time.  When scooping the detergent we noticed that the  granules were finer than my regular detergent.  My friend ran her dishwasher and had clean dishes at the end of the test.  She even had the guts to ask me if she could keep the rest of it and she’d buy me another box of detergent once my new dishwasher comes in –  Yeah right!

So, again the Tradition’s brand has come through for me and again this company is offering a giveaway for one lucky winner for one of their great products: a 5 pound container of their powdered dish detergent.  If you win this, you will be set in the dish washing detergent department for some time!  Don’t be shy, get those entries in now

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