$5.99 Personalized Santa Letters & Coloring Books

My kindergartner loves mail, and always checks the mailbox in hopes of finding a letter for him.  Look what he found today and it ONLY cost $5.99!  He was thrilled and headed straight for the crayons so he could start coloring his new Personalized Coloring Book From Santa.

This Santa letter & coloring book couldn’t have came at a better time.  We had just gotten back home from visiting Santa at the mall for pictures and there was this HUGE red envelope with his name on it!  He couldn’t wait to get it open!

The letter had his name written several times throughout and so did the coloring book as you can see from the picture above.

He received the Santa version of the coloring book and the corresponding letter from Santa.  He couldn’t believe that he had just spoken to Santa at the mall and already received a letter from him when we got home!  My oldest son received the Christmas Tradition letter / coloring book which is best for the older kids.  Earlier this month, I received the Snowman version, check out my review in order to see the pictures of my personalized coloring book .

Here’s a closeup of his letter from Santa, which talks about Santa’s Elves, Rudolph and Mrs. Claus.  If you’ve got someone special that is excited about Santa, this would be perfect. Seeing my son so excited about receiving this letter was definitely worth more than the $5.99 it costs to purchase this – Shipping included.  We sat at the kitchen table tonight and enjoyed quality time together as we colored the first page of his new Santa coloring book.  You can view all three versions of these $5.99 Personalized Coloring Books /Santa letters by clicking “Personalized Letters From Santa.”


10 thoughts on “$5.99 Personalized Santa Letters & Coloring Books”

    1. I liked them too, but my boys aren\’t big on coloring, so the excitement faded away before the coloring book could be fully colored. I am going to keep these Santa letters for them, they were so cute. I would have loved this as a child!
      Bobbie Anne

  1. I like that the kids get the letter and have a coloring opportunity. This will make a nice keepsake for years to come!

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