Broaden Your Selection, Shop For Engagement Rings Online

It has been over sixteen years since I was dreaming of getting engaged and being given the “perfect ring.”  I can remember my “boyfriend” and I talking about engagement and visiting the jewelry stores in the mall.  Sixteen years ago, the only diamond rings I had to choose from were the ones from the stores within driving distance.  Don’t get me wrong, my ring was gorgeous and I was thrilled, but who knew what the internet could offer in the future?  Who knew that I could be shopping Whiteflash Rings right from my bedroom when I was so excited about an engagement that I just couldn’t sleep?  In the past, you had to wait until 10 or so when the jewelry store opened, wait to speak to a salesman and then head over to the next store to check out their selections.  Now, you can browse the stores online at any time of the day, no matter where you are!  You could find the ring you love, and “accidentally” leave the page open for that special someone to find!  Hopefully they are thinking the same thing and will get the hint and not just shut down your window without paying attention to its’ content!

My husband works with younger guys  just out of college, that are either getting engaged or are newly married.  These guys all selected their engagement rings online.  They save time shopping,  have an unlimited selection and do not have to face the traffic or the crowds to find that special ring. I’m sure they were not the only ones online, I know if it were me, I’d be dropping a few hints about my favorite engagement rings or jewelry websites too.

I don’t like to buy clothing online because I need to try it on because all brands seem to fit differently.  Online jewelry shopping, is another story.  As long as you know your ring sizes, there’s no need to try the rings on.  Looking back on the time of my pre-engagement, I was so excited and just knew we were close to getting engaged. You can bet I knew my ring size and so did he!  We spent a lot of time shopping through the diamond solitaire rings and I finally decided upon a ring with a gold band, that had a matching wrap.  Sixteen years later, I now like the look of white gold and someday will use all my loose diamonds to make a customized pendant or ring.  Not that I have diamonds everywhere, but I have a few earrings here and there that don’t have matches and maybe a pendant or two that could be used to design a unique piece.

This was a sponsored review was written on behalf of Whiteflash and is 100% my opinions with no persuasion from anyone.

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