Review: EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale

I am thrilled to offer a kitchen scale giveaway on the mom blog.  This is an item that I use on a daily basis to track my food intake.  I am currently watching my weight through the Weight Watchers program.  In order to correctly keep track of my points plus values, I have to weigh or measure a lot of my food choices.  For example, pretzels and chips are portioned out by the ounce.  I use the kitchen scale to measure out 1 oz. portions of pretzels in ziploc bags.  I place this pre-measured pretzel snack bags on the counter and everyone grabs a bag when they need a snack.  They are great for on-the-go and watching portions.  I also like to pre-bag animal crackers, marshmallows, chips, dry cereal, grapes………

Using the EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale is quite easy.  It even allows you to easily subtract off the weight of the container you are using to hold your snacks that you are weighing.  My old scale required that I place my food container on the scale before turning it on, but this EatSmart Scale allows me to subtract the weight of my bowl with a touch of a button instead of turning everyone on and off each time I weighed a new item.  Weighing your snack bags is a little time consuming, but once it is done, you should be done for a few days.  For example, my family loves pretzels, so I will  measure out an entire bag of pretzels, dump out the salt from the bag and store all my pre-bagged pretzels back in the original bag except for the ones I leave out on the counter for easy access.

This scale also automatically shuts off after three minutes of non-use in order to preserve your batteries.  Do you ever ship out packages and need to find a weight in order to print out a label?  The EatSmart kitchen scale calculates weights up to eleven pounds.  It could be used in weighing those small packages.  When it comes to finding weights of large packages, I weigh myself on the body scale, then weigh myself holding the package and use the difference for my package weight.  I may look silly doing this, but it works!

Back to the EatSmart Kitchen Scale, it comes with a two year warranty and a Calorie Factor and instruction booklet.  The Calorie Factor is a guidebook which will help you properly count your calories.


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