Giveaway: Perplexus Original 3D Puzzle ENDED

Have you heard of the Perplexus Original?  It is a 3D puzzle maze that is great for kids 6+.  It is by PlaSmart, the ones who sponsored the awesome Plasma Car Giveaway back in November, 2011.  My boys are 5 & 11 and received the Perplexus Original for Christmas and the Perplexus Battle was on!!!  All three boys in my house, 2 sons and husband, were taking turns to see who could get farthest!  Now the Perplexus permanently lives in my van and you car hear that metal ball rolling and kids laughing, fussing, hooting and hollering about how far they got on their last turn.  They did let me have a few turns and out of 100 paths, I made it to #30 after a few tries.  My husband is ready for the next level of Perplexus Maze, but both kids are still challenged by it.  I”ll have to say that the 11 year old likes it just as much as the 5 year old does!  This was definitely a great gift!  Sadly, some toys always get thrown and tossed aside after a few days, but the Perplexus fun is far from over in our house! 

Before having children, I taught school and would have loved to have had the Perplexus in my classroom.  It requires the player to stay focused and use strategic thinking in order to work their way through this 100 path maze.  Players cannot win the maze on the first time and will have to try and try again to move themselves farther through the paths.  Your child will either get very frustrated or addicted to this maze.  If they are frustrated, then I’d recommend stepping in and taking a turn yourself, having a Perplexus Challenge with your child.  The player must concentrate, learn from past mistakes and use eye hand coordination to work through this maze.  Your child will feel SO good with each level / path that he passes through.  If you’d like a man’s take on this toy, check out my husband’s blog post:

 PlaSmart has contacted me because the Perplexus Original has been nominated as Educational Toy of the Year by The Toy Industry Association.  This is big for Perplexus, like the “Oscars” for toys, driven by consumer votes!  In order to encourage consumer voting, they are offering a Perplexus Original giveaway on BlogWithMom!

There will be multiple entries on this giveaway, but first I am going to tell you how to place your vote for Perplexus Original for Educational Toy of the Year:

 The voting takes a few steps:

1.       Go to

2.       Select Perplexus

3.       Click Submit My Vote at the bottom

4.       Register your information to complete your vote.

Now that you’ve placed your vote, let’s get on with the giveaway!!!  I’ve added LOTS of entries, so have fun with it and read through them all!

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  2. Would love to win this! Even sent my husband to go take a look at it because I like it so much. Thanks for the giveaway!

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