Help Other’s Through

Organizations call my home at night and throughout the weekends asking me to donate money to their charity.  I have certain charities that I send donations to every year, but there is no way that I can afford to help out everyone that calls my house.  As a matter of fact, these phone calls start to become very irritating after awhile.  In the past, I have tried to tell the person on the line that I have already donated what I can for the year, but most of the time they just keep on going, not listening to me that I cannot afford to donate any additional money.  Every once in a while, I’d luck out and the caller would be understanding, but now I just screen all the weekend / night time calls.

My Favorite Donation Opportunities

I love to take part in the clothes / household item donation opportunities.  It gives me a chance to help out and clean out my closets at the same time.  I also like to save all those mini shampoos and lotions from the hotels and donate them to the women’s shelter.  This year some kids in the neighborhood collected canned food.  I didn’t have any advance notice, but always seem to buy too many cans when I find a great sale, so that felt good to pass that on to the local food bank.  I also love the angel trees and backpack programs at the beginning of the school year for area kids.


Just this week I have found another great program that I can take part in without any expense.  It can be found at and is called “Do the KIND Thing.”  This program is based on the fact that one small act of kindness from someone can make a huge difference for someone else.

Here’s how it works:

Every month, Kind Healthy Snacks backs in giving back to those who really need it when enough people sign up to do a simple act of kindness.  Kind calls it the “Do the KIND Thing” and sets up a challenge every last Tuesday of the month throughout the first Tuesday of the next month, calling it “Kind Tuesday.”  For example, January 2012’s challenge started December 27, 2011 and will run through the first Tuesday of January, which is Jan. 2, 2012.

Here’s the January 2012 challenge, you won’t believe how easy it is to do your part! 

Do the KIND Thing is asking people to:  do a small favor of your choosing for someone who has helped you take a big step in life.  How easy is that?  This person could easily be a spouse, parent, sibling, teacher…..

If and only if, enough people commit to carry out this act, KIND will partner with Soles 4 Souls and deliver thousands of shoes to adults and children who are currently living without shoes.

Sign Up for DO the KIND Thing Challenge at

December 2011’s mission was able to provide toys for hundreds of homeless children because enough people pledged to donate one or more items to a food bank of their choice.  How easy was that?

You can also visit  to read about past KINDING missions and inspiring stories of kindness.

This would be a great New Year’s Resolution, since many of us use weight loss year after year for our resolution without giving any thought to any additional resolutions.  I challenge you to become a “Kindaholic” and do a kind thing, it will not only help someone in need, but it will feel good too!

Make sure to check back at for future challenges.

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