Make International Calls With iPhone ChatTime App

Do you make international calls?  Personally, I do not make any international calls, but I have several neighbors that spend large amounts of money each month in order to stay in touch with their out of country friends and family.  If I were paying money to place international calls, I have to say that my calls would be rushed and to the point.  When you talk on the phone, do you find yourself on there for longer than expected?  Just think how it would affect your conversation if you knew how much you were paying each minute to share an embarrassing moment or new found recipe?

I love to share money saving tips or ideas that help others.  If you make international calls and own an iPhone, this post is definitely for you!

ChatTime now has an iPhone app that offers free international calls when calling someone else who is also using ChatTime.  This app doesn’t even require Wi-Fi or 3G connections!  How great is that?  This application is not the same as Skype or Tango where you need to sit in front of your computer to talk with voice over IP.  ChatTime uses voice network, just like your cell phone.  This app will work wherever your cell phone works.  You could be driving to the store, making last minute Christmas purchases or heading out to the grocery store.

ChatTime claims to have a clear call quality and no dropped calls.  The best thing about this iPhone app is that it is completely FREE, so you can download it and try it out with no cost to you!  Since ChatTime uses cell networks, your calls are going to sound just like local calls – with high quality, no static, no dropped calls, no sound like your friend is 20,000 leagues under the sea!

I hope you can use this information to enjoy free international, ChatTime-to-ChatTime calls.  I’d like to thank ChatTime for contacting me with information about their new app.  They thought you’d rather spend more money on Christmas gifts this year and less money on your international phone calls.

 Here’s a few facts about ChatTime:

  • 99.5% of countries / territories have registered ChatTime users
  • You can use ChatTime to call any phone, anywhere in the world at low rates
  • This app store is rated 4 or 5 stars by 90% of the reviewers around the world
  • Each new download of the app comes with $1 credit – so you can download and test ChatTime totally for free. Many first-timers use the dollar credit to call their friends and tell them to download ChatTime – and then call for free every time after that!

Here’s my take on this one:  If you make international calls and don’t have an iPhone, get one.  The savings on your phone bill will justify your new “toy.”  If the person you are calling doesn’t have an iPhone, you can still use ChatTime to call them at very low rates (often much lower than Skype), and enjoy the benefits of being able to call from anywhere.

In order to stay up to date with ChatTime, you can view their website at & connect with them on Facebook at and Twitter at


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