Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat Giveaway – ENDED

Do you know someone who loves to fish? Do you know someone who loves remote control boats? Have you ever seen the Radio Ranger, a remote control boat that is made to catch fish! This is awesome, my kids would LOVE to catch a fish while driving this boat across the lake. Can you imagine pulling in a fish with a remote controlled boat? If the fish is too big, this boat even gives you the option of pulling the fish in yourself by using the line release.

Watch this video to see what these boats can do. It’s unbelievable!

Now that you’re “hooked,” enter to win a Radio Ranger Remote Control Fishing Boat now, right in time to put it under the Christmas Tree!  This boat is valued at $69.95 before shipping – Good Luck!!!


170 thoughts on “Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat Giveaway – ENDED”

  1. I have never seen anything like this. How inventive! My 9 year old likes to go bass fishing at the lake when he goes to his dad’s for the weekend, and this would be so cool to have out there!

  2. My husband and son would both love this.

    It would definitely be a toy that they could bond over.


  3. My hubby would love this. 36 years old and he loves remote control cars and boats! I swear they never truly grow up! LOL

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  5. my best friend and his son(my Godson) would LOVE to have this under the tree at Christmas lol-they love stuff like this but don’t have the boat..only cars that are RC

    Thanks for the chance!

    Joseph J.


  6. brandon bumgarner

    my son and I love to fish, we have 3 small boats, we also love rc stuff we have cars that do 70 mph, airplanes, and helicopters, we have been talking about a boat, this would really be cool hope to win it, my son would be really happy with the rc fishing boat, thanks

  7. our boys love to fish & would love to have this. The oldest just said the other day he wanted a boat so he could get out there in the lake where he seen the big fish jump the last time we was there. Here would be his boat,but it wouldn’t be one he was

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  8. My nephews would love this, not sure, but I may need a couple of these as I don’t see them wanting to share this!

  9. I should say the grandson, but I think the hubby would play with it more! He has a longer attention span!

    nineteen19 at blackfoot dot net

  10. My husband and kids would all have fun playing with remote control fishing boat.It looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  11. My brother would love this! He loves RC cars and fishing. Combine the 2 and he’s in heaven.

  12. My husband would love to have this! He loves to fish whenever possible. This would be the coolest toy for him 🙂

  13. Dad would love this ! He is 80 years old and needs a fun toy to make his days brighter and more interesting.

    1. Yes, this would be great for him. He would have a ball! Check out their site, they have a few more models to offer besides this one. The Radio Ranger is the largest and most popular. (one being given away)
      Bobbie Anne

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  15. My boyfriend’s father absolutely loves fishing. He currently has pancreatic and liver cancer stage four. He isn’t doing so well but I’d love to give him some hope and a smile on his face.

  16. We do a LOT of fishing as a family. Oh man, so many hours of sitting at the river. Which we all love & it’s great to get out, but some days the fish just refuse to bite & on those days, my son (nearly 10) talks about wanting an RC boat.

    Then I went to their site & saw the bit about actually fishing WITH the boat! This would be amazing for our family. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. My dad and my brother would both love this! We are a big fishing family and this would bring some new excitement, thanks!

  18. I know two people who would love this. My dad who lives on a big lake and my Father in law who wants one for his pool.

  19. My 7 yr old goes fishing a lot up in New Hampshire with the family.. He would LOVE this, not only would he love it, but the rest of the family as well. His birthday is 3 days after Christmas and this would make the perfect gift, even if he just has a picture until he gets the real thing! Neat idea!

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