Retire Your Jogging Pants With Weight Watchers

Week 22 of my Weight Watchers Journal

Are you wearing jogging pants right now…..I am!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself over the holidays with cookies, fudge, cake, restaurant buffets and homemade bread.  Santa slowed down my intake on homemade sugar cookies since my 5 yr. old bagged up ALL our homemade, decorated sugar cookies for Santa to share with his elves!  Yes, I found myself making trips to my closet to eat sugar cookies from my stash, but it’s not as much fun when you have to sneak around to eat your favorite cookies!

I weighed this morning and knew I had gained weight this past week.  Unfortunately, I can gain weight faster than anyone I know.  I put on 8.6 pounds over the past week, but that’s o.k. since Weight Watcher’s always comes through for me.  My jeans still fit, but a little more snug than I’d prefer! This is much better than last year.  I can remember crying last year over how much weight I’d let myself gain in December with all my Christmas Favorites.  My jeans wouldn’t even snap and I had to buy the next size up in pants.

Since I knew I had to start eating right today, I ate the last of my holiday treats last night, right up until the minute I got into bed!  I counted my Weight Watchers Points Plus Values today and made a trip to the grocery store for my health conscious foods:  granola bars, fruit, string cheese, carrot sticks and favorite Fiber One snacks.

I know I still have to get through New Year’s Eve, but if I do well throughout the week, I can use my flex points to “enjoy” New Year’s Eve with my family.  We like to cook tons of appetizers and drink orange sherbert punch throughout the night waiting for the Time’s Square Ball to drop if we can stay awake that long!  If you are thinking of losing weight for your New Year’s Resolution, I’d like to suggest that you try out Weight Watchers Online.  You can sign up now, begin learning the program and get ready to start 2012 with a healthy bang!

*Weight Watchers works because it’s not a diet. You’ll learn how to eat right and live healthy. You can choose between two convenient options to learn how to lose weight and keep it off. At meetings, you’ll find out all the latest information on eating right and living healthy, plus you’ll get the guidance you need to succeed and stay on track. Weight Watchers Online is a customized online weight loss plan that you follow step-by step completely online – manage your results at your own pace, on your own time. Choose the option that’s right for you and start today!

“People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.”

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