Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches Taste Great

My kids are SO hungry when they come home from school!  They both come home at different times so things are hectic with homework and afternoon snacks.  These mini chicken sandwiches from Tyson work great at our house.  They are both quick and easy to make.  My oldest child can microwave them easily while they are still in their original Tyson packaging.  Two sandwiches come in each package, with the entire Tyson box containing four packages of sandwiches or eight total mini sandwiches for under $6.00!

The mini sandwiches are the perfect size for the five year old, since he never eats a full sandwich by himself.   We cooked two packages of these sandwiches the first time we tried them.  That gave the 5 year old one, the eleven year old two and I ate the last one.  The eleven year old was thrilled to see the “roll-like” buns and couldn’t stop at just one.  He suggested that we should eat them for breakfast.  My youngest son is a picky eater and often complains about microwavable foods having a “microwave taste.”  These Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches passed the “microwave” taste test.  The rolls / buns were soft and the chicken tasted great!  We normally eat Tyson chicken sandwiches at our house, so we’re already hooked, but the mini ones are great for a quick snack since we always cook the full sized sandwiches in the oven and can quickly microwave the mini sandwiches.  They would be great served with pretzels, a cheese stick or a side of fruit for an afternoon snack.  I always check the nutritional content of the foods I bring into the house, so I’ve included the nutritional information at the bottom of this post.
These Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches can be found at Walmart, but unfortunately they aren’t offered at every Walmart location.  You can quickly check your area stores for these sandwiches by going to Tysongoodness.com.
This is the perfect time for you to try these sandwiches for yourself.  Tyson is running a special offer right now where you can buy two boxes of these Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches at a participating Walmart store and you’ll receive a $5 Walmart Gift Card.  That is almost like buying one and getting the other for free since my box of sandwiches was under $6.00.  How hungry are your kids after school?  This Gift Card offer could buy a lot of after school snacks at a great price!
Thank you #TysonGoodness!  You’ve made afternoon snack time a lot easier!

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