Don’t Get Caught Without A Dental Plan!

Does your family currently have family dental insurance?  Have you ever looked into discount dental plans as an alternative to dental insurance? would be a great place to start looking for the right discount dental plan for your family.  They offer over thirty discount dental plans for people who wish to save at the dentist, but don’t carry a dental insurance plan.

It pays off to have a dental plan in place.  Nothing is worse than having a toothache and needing to wait until you can afford to visit the dentist because you don’t have a current dental plan.  I had a toothache once that sent pain through the whole side of my face.  I don’t care for the dentist, but couldn’t wait to get an appointment to take care of my tooth.  My family presently has a family dental insurance plan, so all I had to do was schedule an appointment.  If I wouldn’t have had a dental plan, pulling my wisdom tooth would have cost an arm and a leg.    I know lots of people get teeth pulled everyday, but I’m a wimp and wanted to be put to sleep.  I am so glad that I insisted on being a wimp about the procedure, because the root of my tooth was entwined around other roots and gave the dentist quite a fight before he could remove it.  Thank goodness I was asleep for that!

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