Giveaway: Remote Control Radio Ranger Fishing Boat ENDED is sponsoring the BlogWithMom Giveaway with their popular RC Radio Ranger Fishing Boat that really catches fish!  This boat, which comes with the RC Fishing fishing pole, measures out to 34 inches long and reaches 400 ft by remote control!!  It is valued at $ 69.95 and is awesome!  I just received my Radio Ranger, but unfortunately it has been storming ever since so I haven’t made it to the lake with it yet.  I can’t wait to catch my first fish with this or, rather watch my boys catch the first fish!  Everyone in my family is excited about this and we’ve planned a trip to our fishing hole next weekend if the weather allows.  Even if we don’t get lucky with the fish, this boat looks fast!!!  We may have to draw straws to see who drives it first.  I bet it will be my husband,  what do you think?  My boys and husband are already planning their  Radio Ranger fishing strategies!  Watch out fish, here we come and we’re bringing our secret weapon!!!

Since pictures speak louder than words, check it out!  I took pictures in front of the bedroom door so you could really see the size of this boat.

I love!  They have excellent customer service and truly stand behind their products.  If you’d like to read more about their company from me, you can check out my post from their previous giveaway  by clicking “Mom Blog” RcFishingWorld Review.

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161 thoughts on “Giveaway: Remote Control Radio Ranger Fishing Boat ENDED”

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  2. Heard about the giveaway on Twitter….there was no box for extra info on the form, so leaving this information here in the comments! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. didnt see space on the RC form to leave a comment. I found out about this giveaway while visiting Rats and More blog (by Amanda)

  4. OH my gosh, my son (studying to be a game warden) and his little guy would have SUCH a blast with this!


  5. looks to be no space to leave answer on form. Sorry, looks like the Radio Ranger version is the largest of the 4.

  6. I would sooooooooooooooo Love this and so would my bf!! OMG ive never seen it but that is awesome! I love go to fishing!! Id be going fishing all the

  7. My sister-in-law would love this as a gift. She is from Alabama and an avid fisher. Since having to move up here to NYC, she has been missing some of her hometown activities. This would pick up her spirits and give her a reason to go fishing in the nearby parks.

  8. I have 2 grandsons that would LOVE this. One lives in Michigan, right on the water and he and his daddy fish alot. I think they’d have lots of fun with something like this.

  9. My husband (and I) would really love this! We don’t get to go fishing often enough, but it’s one of our favorite pastimes 🙂

  10. I would love to get this for my 11 year old son, but I’m sure my 34 year old husband would end up playing with it too!

  11. Oh I would love to have this for our home. We have an inground swimming pool and all the family comes to swim all summer long. The kids all love to play with these in the pool. 😉

  12. My grandpa would love to have this and share it with his grandkids. He’s a big kid at heart and I would love to see him using this.

  13. ME!! …and my fiance. We are big kids sometimes! lol



    avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

  14. I would have to give it to my son who is a marine ( who is finally home from Afghanistan) but still has a passion fo remote controlled anything.

  15. both my boys would have fun driving the boat and waiting for the fish to bite and using the remote to catch the fish and bring it on in.

  16. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡

    I would love to win for my husband

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

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  19. My son would love this. But I am sure that my husband would love it just as much.


    1. I agree, I am afraid that is what is going to happen here when we take the boat out. We may have to draw straws, and time each other\’s driving turns!
      Bobbie Anne

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  21. missy zimbauer jerrett

    OMG this would be sooooo kewl we have a 1 acre pond we swim and fish in,the kids have a blast this would be so neat !!!!!!

  22. for my hubs. he’d be very happy to win this – and his birthday is coming up – so he’d be extra surprised.

  23. I have 3 boys that would fight over the chance to “play” with one of these!! And a father-in-law who LOVES to fish and would get a total kick out of this boat!

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