Himalayan Salt Inhaler Recommended By Dr. Oz

Are you familiar with the Dr. Oz show?  Check out this Dr. Oz video featuring the Himalayan Salt Inhaler from the HimalayanSaltShop.com.  You’ll get a kick of this one, the lady who tested the inhaler really had fun with it.  You know Dr. Oz would not have mentioned the Himalayan Salt Inhaler on his show, if he weren’t 100% behind it.  Dr. Oz promoted the salt inhaler as an alternative health secret.  It sounds like a secret that needs to be passed on and not kept!

Did you know that the Himalayan Salt Inhaler is all-natural and pollutant free?  This inhaler will help people who suffer with allergies, sinus infections and breathing difficulties.  The inhaler uses pure salt and also provides potassium through each treatment.  Since the salt remains in the salt inhaler, each refill can last months depending on how often the inhaler is used!

Luckily I don’t suffer from asthma, allergies or sinus conditions, but if I did, I’d definitely be game for trying out the Himalayan Salt Inhaler.  This “alternative health secret, as Dr. Oz put it, only costs $34.99 and comes with a salt refill and an instruction sheet.  Salt has been used as a natural cleanser for years.  Do you remember your parents having you rinse out your mouth with salt water or how about bathing in Epson salt?  So, why not test out the benefits of salt air inhalation if you are a candidate for the Himalayan Salt Inhaler?

Here’s a few facts about salt inhalation:

      • Dr. Oz believes in it
      • Salt air inhalation is also known as speleotherapy or halotherapy
      • Salt is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
      • Spas often offer “salt rooms”
      • The Himalayan Salt Inhaler offers all-natural salt air therapy at home with its’ ceramic salt inhaler
      • The Himalayan Salt Company recommends that you use the inhaler 20 minutes per day in one session or broken down into multiple sessions throughout the day
      • It is also recommended that the salt be refilled every 30 days if the inhaler is used every day.
      • If the inhaler is used moderately, the salt can be refilled at a slower pace.





11 thoughts on “Himalayan Salt Inhaler Recommended By Dr. Oz”

  1. what an amazing product this sounds like! i’m thinking it might help with my asthma and seasonal allergies! with spring (and all the pollen) right around the corner, this is something i’ll definitely consider!

  2. Oh my gosh, I never heard of these. My youngest daughter suffers so badly from allergies and sinus infections. I will definitely be looking into this. Any thing that will help would be a God send right now. Thanks for the review.

    1. Your welcome Cheryl, I hope it helps. Since it is featured on Dr. Oz, you know it is a great product. I have the salt lamps from the Himalayan Salt Shop and love them. Try it out and let me know how your daughter feels after using it for a few days. — Get it now, it is on sale!
      Bobbie Anne

  3. I am definitely going to purchase one for my daughter to try. I have always wanted one of the salt lamps, but found them a bit pricey for my taste. I loved how in the video, Dr Oz explained how the salt helps reduce the fluid in the back of the throat. That is a big symptom with my daughter. I truly hope this helps. I know it isn’t a cure all but even if it brings her some relief and it is all natural, I am going to give it a shot.

    1. They also sell salt refills for under $10. The Himalayan Salt Shop has lots of cool, unique items, but I\’ve only reviewed the salt inhaler and the salt lamp. I bought 7 salt lamps and gave them for Christmas Gifts. Everyone was thrilled with their gifts! Check out their newsletter, I believe there\’s a way to get a discount if you sign up for their newsletter, or at least there was when I made my purchase.

  4. I just looked at the link to buy. How long is the sale for? I might even get a salt lamp for that great deal.

    1. I don\’t know how long the sale will run. I just noticed the sale when I was reviewing their site. I have a 6-8 pound salt lamp and leave it turned on in my son\’s room 24-7. If you were using it in a small bedroom, you could probably get the next size down and be just fine.

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