Giveaway ENDED: EatSmart, Phix, Himalayan Salt Shop & Tropical Traditions!

Ready to get in shape for the new year with some fantastic gear?

My giveaway is being sponsored by EatSmart, Phix, Himalayan Salt Shop and Tropical Traditions.  I have worked with each of these companies in the past and will continue to work with them due to their great customer service, reliability and speedy deliveries.  I strive to bring great products as well as services to my readers.  After all, a product is as good as the company behind it and these companies are great!  They have pooled together to bring you a healthy prize pack valued over $130.00!

One lucky winner will win ALL four prizes listed below:

  • An EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale
  • 2 variety boxes of Phix Energy Drink Packets
  • A Salt Inhaler from the Himalayan Salt Shop that has been featured on Dr. Oz
  • A quart jar of Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

Since all four prizes are coming from different companies, the winner will receive them in separate shipments.

The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale was so appealing that my sons were standing in line to weigh themselves as soon as I pulled  it out of the box.  It is stylish and has a glass platform that you stand on with a large quick response LCD weight display.  This scale is great because it will calculate weights up to 400 pounds.  It comes with batteries and is backed by a 2 year full warranty.

In getting fit for the new year, it is important to track your weight.  I do much better on my diet when I can track my progress.  I keep a special pad of paper in my bathroom drawer for my weigh in days.  I like to check my weight every few days, but make it a point to record my weight every Monday morning.  This cool EatSmart Bathroom Scale has everyone in my house checking their weight, even the kindergartner!

Phix Energy Drinks taste good both warm and cold.  They come in disposable drink mix sticks that you mix with your water.  Read my latest review by clicking “Mom Blog Review.”  Revving up your activity levels will find you in need of a little “pick me up.”  Drinking a Phix Energy drink is great for cooling down from your daily workouts.  Phix Energy Drinks allow you to get that extra energy boost without the dreaded side effects that often go hand in hand with energy drinks such as a rapid heart beat.

The Himalayan Salt Inhaler was featured on the Dr. Oz show.  Watch the Dr. Oz Video to see the inhaler in action!  Click “Mom Blog Review” to read my Salt Inhaler review.  Allergies and Asthma can slow you down where you don’t want to go on that morning walk or complete your daily exercise routine.  The salt inhaler is a great way to naturally “boot out” those nasty symptoms.


Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil is a healthy cooking oil that adds a touch of coconut flavor to your cooking/baking.  It is also great to spread on your pans to keep food from sticking.  You can check out my earlier Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil review by clicking “Mom Blog Review.”  If you’re looking to add healthy food choices into your household, Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil will definitely fall into the healthy food category.

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    1. You can do it! I lost 100 pounds after OVER eating while pregnant with Weight Watchers. You can check out my weight watcher tools located on the right side of my blog. Good luck with the giveaway!
      Bobbie Anne

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